How Insight works with teams

Insight has been building and scaling data teams across the US and Canada for over 5 years. Our unique approach helps talent acquisition and hiring teams save time with their recruiting process, by introducing them to more high quality candidates, which helps shorten the time it takes from interview to hire. We focus on roles that are difficult to fill, either because they require specialized expertise, or because they are so new that only a handful of people are considered “qualified” by the traditional recruitment standards. We work with over 700 partners, that range from the most cutting-edge startups to industry-leading Fortune 500 companies.

How Insight works with Fellows

Insight runs a free Fellowship programs for scientists, engineers, and data professionals. In 2018, we received over 10,000 applications from across the US and Canada. We charge zero tuition or fees for any of our programs, and have granted over $1M in need-based scholarships for living expenses for Fellows, helping to bring people from underrepresented backgrounds into these fields. In our 7-week programs, Insight Fellows learn to apply their existing skills and expertise to new domains. In this way, we are able to address the talent shortage in rapidly-growing fields where experienced candidates are in extremely short supply.

  • Rigorous Admissions
    Insight is free for Fellows, accepting only the top 6% of 10,000 applications each year
  • Diverse Candidates
    Over half the Fellows come from under-represented backgrounds in tech
  • Hire More Efficiently
    Insight Fellows are 4x more likely to be interviewed than average applicants
  • Loyalty
    The retention rate of Insight Alumni is 200% of the industry average
  • You’re in Good Company
    We work with over 700 partners, from Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups

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What our partners say

"Insight has provided us at Indigo with several high-quality data scientists who were able and ready to perform on day 1, building out everything from bioinformatics tools to analysis of remote sensing and geospatial data to probabilistic programming."

Jacob Oppenheim - Director of Data Science, Indigo

"Insight Data Science is a huge asset to the industry.  They’re highly selective in their admissions, and their curriculum is robust, making it easy to trust the quality of their graduates.  Their formula – teach industry-standard tools to people with solid groundings in fundamental science/math – yields people who not only know how to use the tools of the trade, but also have the capacity to understand how, when, and where to deploy them.  They make it easy to meet with the students, and help winnow the field of the cohort to the best candidates to work with.  I can’t recommend them enough."

Richard Downe - Director of Data Science, Loblaw Companies


Jenelle Bray
Sr Engineering Manager, ML LinkedIn
Insight Fellow Summer 2013
Joe Gallagher
Director of Data Science
Insight Fellow Winter 2013
Anne Bauer
Lead Data Scientist
The New York Times
Insight Fellow Winter 2015
Lisa Qian
Data Science Manager
Insight Fellow Summer 2013